Eugene Romanick, Retired Army Lt. Col., Newton

Dr. Solomon’s patient

After more than six months of worsening complications from diabetic neuropathy, including a large, un-healing wound and a shattered heel bone, Gene Romanick was told he faced the possibility of amputation. That was when Dr. Solomon became aware of Gene’s problems and took over his care. The following statements are excerpted from Gene’s letter, which was published in the Daily Record.

“Dr. Solomon operated on my foot …. Within six weeks the wound had closed and the bone was showing absolute signs of healing.I can’t thank Dr. Mark Solomon enough, he and his team of residents and interns visited me every day of the week while I was in the hospital and sub-acute.Dr. Solomon was available at all times to answer my questions or those of my wife and to provide reassurance when our spirits flagged. I am following up with Dr. Solomon and he continues to be a consummate professional, caring and a truly good soul. Dr. Solomon is a blessing to me.”

Melinda De Jesus

I’ve always had flat feet but I didn’t realize they can make you prone to bunions. So three years ago I developed a problem with bunions and was referred to Advanced Foot & Ankle. I had surgery to remove the bunions and also had a titanium screw implanted under the ankle to correct my flatfeet. Now I have a arches in both of my feet which have relieve any leg or back pain. I did each foot a year apart.

The service and attention I received from the doctors and their entire office was really wonderful.

First of all, my feet now have arches and you can’t even see the incision, it was so small. Secondly, they were all so caring, with me and my family. The doctor not only called me at home but she even gave me her cell number if I needed to reach her. How many doctors do that? My entire experience was positive, from the moment I walked in their office. I recommended that my mother see them next, which she did, and now my sister is going. We recommend them to friends at work, they were all so great,  Dr. Solomon and his entire staff.

Diane Cordero

When my son was born his feet looked normal. But as he began to grow we saw that one foot was not normal. It was turned and it was not the same size as the other foot. As a result, he had a bit of a limp and he would get blisters if he walked any distance.

We went to all the foot doctors, specialists, even a neurologist. We were told there was nothing that could be done for him. For years, he made the best of it but it was always there and it bothered him.

In 2007, a friend had an accident, followed by a successful foot operation. The friend suggested that my son visit the foot doctor and try again.

We went to an orthopedic specialist, who referred us to Dr. Solomon. That’s when my life, and my son’s life, changed for the better.

After looking at the X-rays, Dr. Solomon said “I can do this.” By his manner, I had complete confidence in him from the beginning. The surgery took about three-and-a-half hours, which was less time than we were told it could take. After the surgery and a period of physical therapy, my son is now able to walk for hours without getting blisters. He’s able to do so many things he could never do without getting foot pain.

I told Dr. Solomon, “You have no idea what you’ve done for my son.” He’s more confident now. He wears shorts. He would never wear shorts before because of the way he walked and the way he looked. Now he wears shorts all the time. We have been so blessed to have found him.

Imagine how I feel as a Mom, then multiply it by a million. There is no one who has done anything for me like Dr. Solomon has.

Linda Henderson

I’ve always had trouble with my feet but I didn’t seek help until 2008 when they became more and more painful. I could only wear the biggest shoe sizes because I had bunions and hammertoes and nothing fit comfortably.

Some friends recommended Dr. Stinson. I felt comfortable with her from the first visit. Given the condition of my feet, we agreed surgery was the best bet and we scheduled each foot a year apart to allow for proper healing. A systematic approach led to removing bunions and hammertoes, adjusting the toes and fitting screws to keep my arches from falling.

Now the pain is almost entirely gone, I’d say 95%. Altogether I’ve had five surgeries and I continue to go back for checkups every few months.

I recommend Dr. Stinson to all my friends and relatives. I consider her a friend. She goes out of her way to check on you, she gives you her cell phone, she follows up. I’ve never known a doctor like her.

And that’s true of Dr. Solomon who assisted in my surgeries, and everyone in the office. They’re the best.