Syndactyly in New Jersey

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What is Pediatric Syndactyly?

Syndactyly, also known as “webbed” fingers or toes, is a condition where two or more digits are fused together. Syndactyly is present in about one in every 2,500 births and slightly less than half of these cases have family members with the condition.

In a simple syndactyly, adjacent digits are fused together by skin while a complex syndactyly involves digits fused by bones. Syndactyly can also be complete (i.e. the skin is joined all the way to the tip of the digit) or incomplete (i.e. the skin is only partially joined).

Benefits of Pediatric Syndactyly Treatment

Due to the nature of syndactyly, it often requires surgery to correct, which can range from simple to complex based on the specific diagnosis. However, some alternatives to surgery may include stretching, splinting/casting, and physical therapy. Treatment goals include:

  • Increased functionality of the hand(s) or feet.
  • Improved appearance, which can have a positive impact on self-esteem.

How is Pediatric Syndactyly Performed?

Pediatric syndactyly is a condition that develops before your baby is born. As he or she is developing, his or her fingers should normally separate into four fingers and a thumb.

It is not known what causes syndactyly – it may be due to environmental factors or a genetic abnormality. If your baby has pediatric syndactyly, his or her hand looks like a small paddle with no separate fingers.

Normally, this is not painful, unless the fingernails begin to push into the conjoined fingers. If the bones are also fused together, this can lead to skin breakdown or infections.

Your pediatrician and surgeon will develop a treatment plan specifically for your baby. Normally, separation takes place when your baby is about a year and a half old. If his or her thumb or pinky are fused to the hand, the surgeon may opt to separate them earlier (at 6 months of age).

Doctors usually want to wait to separate the fingers until your baby is older because of the risk of skin graft failures and healing complications. The surgery called a syndactyly release, involves separating the fingers from each other. Skin from the individual fingers and from the lower abdomen are used to cover the now-separated fingers.

Preparing for Pediatric Syndactyly Treatment

If the parents desire surgery, it is advisable to wait until the child is old enough to take part in the decision and participate in postoperative care. Keep in mind your child needs to be prepared for the experience. In a calm voice explain what will happen and you may want to use dolls to show where the doctor will perform the procedure.

Pediatric Syndactyly Treatment Recovery

Recovery times related to your syndactyly will vary depending on your child’s treatment.

  • From 1-2 days for non-surgical options
  • Several months for more complication surgical procedures.

After surgery, your child will need to wear a cast and your doctor will want follow-up visits to make sure they are healing well.

What Makes Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons Unique

The doctors will approach your child’s treatment with sensitivity and work with you to develop a treatment plan to meet your child’s needs.

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How Much Does Pediatric Tarsal Coalition Treatment Cost?

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