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Sports Medicine in New Jersey

If you have been ‘sidelined’ due to an ankle or foot injury, let the sports medicine specialists at Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons based out of Cedar Knolls, NJ, help get you back in the game.

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine is a distinct health care field that specializes in the treatment and prevention of physical fitness-related injuries. And because so many athletes, whether professional or amateur, often injure their feet and ankles during sports activities, the physicians at Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons take a great deal of care in helping you to recover and to get back in the game as quickly as possible.

Types of Sports Medicine Issues We Tackle



Sport Specific

Benefits of Sports Medicine Experience

The benefits of consulting with sports medicine experts from Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons:

  • Decreased recovery time related to foot and ankle injuries
  • Strengthening weakened muscles and ligaments related to previous injuries
  • Identifying and changing behaviors that could potentially lead to recurring injuries

Preparing for Sports Medicine Treatment

Preparation for your sports medicine treatment depends almost solely on your diagnosis and your Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons’ treatment plan, although here are some basic rules of thumb:

  • The first time you visit, we will need a copy of your insurance card, a list of any known allergies, in addition to any medical records relevant to your condition. If you do not already have your records, we can request them on your behalf from your prior physician(s).
  • Prior to your treatment, it is highly important that you follow your doctor’s orders, whether this entails physical therapy or some other preparation.

Sports Medicine Treatment Recovery

Since Advanced Foot & Ankle deals with foot and ankle-related sports medicine injuries, which may require casting or bracing, or even more invasive treatments such as surgery, recovery is often more involved and requires longer healing times than some other concerns.

Our doctors offer a comprehensive approach to the prevention and treatment of injuries. Whatever your prognosis, our specialists are committed to getting you back in the game as quickly and as safely as possible, and our state of the art training and equipment can help us get you there.

What Makes Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons Unique

Motivated in taking on complex challenges, Dr. Solomon is the surgeon of choice for foot and ankle treatments in Cedar Knolls, NJ, Morris County and Northern NJ. Given his experience and training in sports-related injuring, he has the ability to make a rapid and accurate diagnosis and then offer a full spectrum of the latest and most effective treatment options, including conservative and surgical approaches. Dr Solomon takes a team approach with all of your healthcare provides to ensure optimal recovery.  Together with your primary care physician, physical therapist and athletic trainer we return our athletes back to the game.

Dr. Mark E Solomon serves as the team podiatrist for the New York Jets since they moved to Florham Park,NJ in 2008.  In addition, Dr. Solomon provides care for athletes from local schools and universities.

Our treatment plans are tailored to return you to your previous level of activity as soon as possible. Contact us to schedule your initial appointment today!