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Sesamoiditis Treatment in New Jersey

Symptoms typically begin with a mild ache in the ball of the foot beneath the big toe. As the aggravating activity is continued, pain increases and can become intense. In addition, bruising and swelling may occur and the affected toe may be painful when moved.

  • Treatment options include rest, anti-inflammatory medications, special shoes or pads, taping the big toe and, in some cases, a leg brace.


Custom-molded orthotics is an essential part of the care for foot and ankle problems. Many of these problems are caused by poor foot position or alignment and can be dramatically improved with the use of custom orthotics. The purpose of orthotics is to hold the foot in a certain position while controlling the amount of motion the joints go through in a normal walk. Every foot has a unique arch and foot type. The making of orthotics is a blend of art and technology.

  • To be precise, our doctors perform a complete foot and ankle exam and a gait analysis. They will then determine the proper type of orthotic for you, based on your foot type, pathology, activity level and shoe type.
  • Our doctors make orthotics for professional and college athletes in many different sports. Although athletes account for a large part of our practice, we offer orthotics for everyone, from small children to weekend warriors and the elderly.

Our expertise in sports Medicine has given us the privilege and honor of serving as the team Podiatrists for the New York Jets Professional Football team.

With our experience and training in sports medicine, we have the ability to make a rapid and accurate diagnosis and then offer a full spectrum of the latest and most effective treatment options, including non-surgical and surgical approaches.

We know how and when to incorporate rehabilitation, orthotics, shoes, and surgery into the treatment regimen. We understand when an athlete has the ability to return to their sport.