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Welcome to Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons. We take pride in being at the forefront of new treatments and technology being used to treat common and complex foot and ankle issues.

The information on this page is offered to share the latest Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons announcements; and also updates on areas of general interest to our patients.

“Local Surgeon Recognized for Successful Limb Salvage”

“Thousands with diabetes face the possibility of losing a limb to the disease. Mark E. Solomon, a local medical/surgical podiatrist with Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons who specializes in a cutting-edge procedure to restore sensation to those suffering from neuropathy, is also earning the respect of his patients by offering successful alternatives to amputation…”
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“New Hope for Neuropathy”

Local Surgeon receives special training to perform cutting-edge procedure to relieve neuropathy.

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