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Podiatry in New Jersey

The podiatrists at Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons based out of Cedar Knolls, NJ, represent a new generation of foot and ankle specialists who use the latest procedures to assess, diagnose and treat foot problems.

What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is a branch of medicine devoted to the study of foot, ankle, and lower extremity disorders. It involves the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of these areas.

We spend more than half of our lives on our feet. It is important that to protect them. Foot and lower limb problems are a significant cause of ill health, pain, and disability, which can lead to impaired balance and increase the risk of falling.

Common Podiatric Concerns We Treat 

Benefits of Podiatry

We specialize in complete foot and ankle treatment from office consultations, diagnosis, inpatient and outpatient care, biomechanical examinations, peripheral vascular disease screening, and orthotics (foot inserts).

Typically, podiatrists:

  • Consult with patients about preventing foot problems.
  • Diagnose and treat deformities, ulcers, fractures, hammertoes, neuroma’s, and skin and nail diseases.
  • Surgically correct or remedy such problems as bunions, fractures, and other ligament and tendon disorders.

How is Podiatry Performed?

From cosmetic challenges to internal nerve damage and fractures, podiatrists can diagnose treat and improve symptoms in patients.

  • Acute injuries may require surgeries like a procedure to lengthen or shorten the tendon.
  • Heel surgery can restore mobility and improve pain symptoms for those with conditions like plantar fascia.
  • Reconstructive surgery on the ankle is common if severe pain symptoms and deformities remain unresolved.

Preparing for Podiatry Treatment

Prior to your appointment, it will be helpful bring the following:

  • The shoes you regularly wear.
  • If you suffered an injury, the shoes you were wearing when the injury occurred.
  • A list of your medications, vitamins, and supplements.
  • Your medical history, including any prior surgeries, hospitalizations, or medical problems.
  • A list of your symptoms or concerns.
  • Medical records, laboratory results or radiology results related to your current problem.

If you have special needs, call us before your visit to let us know how we can make the necessary accommodations.

Driven by a Pursuit of Excellence

Driven by the pursuit of excellence, Dr. Solomon and Dr. Stinson are the surgeons of choice for foot and ankle treatments in Cedar Knolls, NJ, or Northern New Jersey. Using cutting edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, you can rely on our physicians for the most effective foot care.

They work collaboratively with your team of physicians, physical therapist and other health care providers to ensure the most accurate diagnoses and comprehensive treatment.  They spend time listening to their patients, listening to their concerns and getting to know them on a personal level.

Dr. Mark Solomon serves as the team podiatrist for the New York Jets. Dr. Solomon and Dr. Stinson offer an unsurpassed ability to diagnose and treat sports-related foot and ankle conditions/injuries. In addition, Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons has been voted the top podiatrist in Morris County.

We take pride in making your experience as comfortable as possible. Contact us to schedule your initial appointment today!