Pediatric Bunion

Pediatric Bunion

What is a Pediatric Bunion?

A Bunion is a bump on the inside of the foot that may or may not be painful.  It is called a “Pediatric Bunion” when a child develops this deformity.  It can also be known as a “Juvenile Bunion” or an “Adolescent Bunion”.

Does my child have a pediatric bunion?


What can I do to treat a pediatric bunion?


How did my child get a pediatric bunion?

There are many causes of a pediatric bunion.  Most commonly, a family history of painful bunions is the root of the problem.  Sometimes, loose ligaments or a neurologic issue can create instability that leads to a bunion.

Of course you worry about your children and want to prevent a lifetime of foot pain.  It is always best to have a full evaluation by an experienced pediatric foot doctor performed.  Call Dr. Mark E Solomon at Advocare- The Orthopedic Center at 973-538-7700.


A story about a family’s experience with a pediatric bunion……


What is the bottom line about pediatric bunions?

Despite the fact that there is a bump that looks like a bunion, it may be part of a bigger issue.  It takes years of experience to be able to identify and treat all the components of this foot deformity.  Not recognizing these related issues can lead to problems.  This is part of the reason why people are concerned that the bunion could come back as they get older.

We are the top pediatric bunion specialists because:

Kids are Not small Adults.  So, why should we treat their bunions the same way as adults?  Dr. Solomon understands this.

Dr. Mark E. Solomon is Board Certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgeons in Foot Surgery and practices in Morris County for greater than 16 years.  Recently, Dr. Solomon was invited to join Advocare – The Orthopedic Center.  Making him the only Podiatric Foot & Ankle Surgeon in the country to hold the distinct honor of being part of a Pediatric Orthopedic practice.  The most important reason however, is that Dr. Mark treats every patient as if they were his own child.

The combination of experience provided by both Pediatric Orthopedists and a Foot & Ankle Surgeon makes it easy to choose Dr. Mark E. Solomon.