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Hammertoe Surgery in New Jersey

Based out of Cedar Knolls, NJ, Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons will use cutting-edge techniques during your Hammertoe surgery, so that you can find relief from your pain.

What are Hammertoes?

Hammertoe is a condition in which any of the toes are bent in a claw-like position. Although the condition usually stems from a muscle imbalance, it is often aggravated by shoes that don’t fit well. Hammertoes can occur when a joint on the second, third, or fourth toe becomes permanently bent, which causes it to resemble a hammer. Hammertoes are most often the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes, especially very high heels; this causes tendons to shorten and to pull on the toe. With repeated exposure, this tightening results in a permanent deformity.  The newly upturned joint can become red, swollen, and painful, often due to rubbing against your shoes. This friction can also result in the formation of corns, and the shortened tendons can make the affected toe difficult to move.Corns are your body’s way of protecting itself from open sores and will build up hard, dead skin where there is increased pressure and friction. If left untreated, corns may eventually lose their ability to protect the toe and may become an open, infected wound. There are a variety of preventative measures that can be taken to minimize the discomfort and problems associated with hammertoes. Our doctors will always begin with a conservative treatment program such as braces, straps or orthotics. If the conservative treatment fails to provide adequate relief, you may be considered a candidate for surgery to permanently correct the problem.

Benefits of Hammertoe Surgery

  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced swelling
  • Reduced irritation
  • Increased flexibility in the joint
  • The ability to be comfortable in your shoes once again

How is Hammertoe Surgery Performed?

Hammertoe surgery is a common procedure that our doctors perform routinely. Our doctors have specialized training in all of the latest, advanced surgical techniques. The surgeon’s goal is to relieve pain and pressure that led to the hammertoe’s development by restoring the normal alignment to the toe joint.

For less severe deformities, the surgeon will remove the bony prominence on the toe and aligns the toe joint.

Other surgical procedures include releasing a tendon that is too short, transferring a tendon to another location, and inserting a steel pin to correct the toe’s position.

Preparing for Hammertoe Surgery

In general, Hammertoe surgery is an outpatient procedure, which means you will be able to return home the same day. Since you may be placed under anesthesia, you should avoid eating after midnight on the day prior to your surgery, and you will need someone to drive you home afterward.

If you have any questions about what you should do in order to prepare for your Hammertoe surgery, be sure to ask your Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons physician.

Hammertoe Surgery Recovery

What you will experience during recovery from your Hammertoe surgery depends largely on the severity of your condition, if your Hammertoe was flexible or rigid, as well as the specific procedure use by your physician. However, you can expect recovery to last at least a few weeks, which may involve the use of crutches and a series of stretching exercises. Keep in mind though that the swelling associated with your Hammertoe surgery could last as long as one year.

Why Choose Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons

Driven by the pursuit of excellence, Dr. Solomon and Dr. Stinson are the surgeons of choice for foot and ankle treatments in Cedar Knolls, NJ, and Northern NJ.

Dr. Mark Solomon serves as the team podiatrist for the New York Jets.  Together with Dr. Stinson, they offer an unsurpassed ability to diagnose and treat sports-related foot and ankle conditions/injuries. In addition, Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons has been voted the top podiatrist in Morris County.

How Much Does Hammertoe Surgery Cost?

Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons accept Medicare and Atlantic Health System’s local health insurance.  We are considered an out-of-network provider with other insurance plans.

Some insurance plans include an out-of-network provision. If your insurance plan has this provision, it is likely to cover a portion of the eligible charges. As a courtesy, our knowledgeable and friendly office staff will submit your claims on your behalf.

If you do not have medical insurance, our knowledgeable and friendly office staff will review the various payment options we offer. We offer CareCredit® financing and accept major credit cards.

It is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to know and understand what services are covered under their individual insurance policy.

Board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and Fellows of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, both Dr. Solomon and Dr. Stinson represent a new generation of foot and ankle specialists. Contact us to schedule your initial appointment today!