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Pediatric Flatfoot in New Jersey

If you are worried about a low or absent arch in your child’s foot, trust the specialists at Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons, based in Cedar Knolls, NJ, to diagnose and treat a flatfoot condition.

What is Pediatric Flatfoot?

Flatfoot (or flat feet) is a condition where one or both arches of the feet never formed or have collapsed. This causes the bottom of the feet to make partial (or even complete) contact with the ground.

It is completely normal for children to have a flatfoot at birth. As children grow, the bones in their feet grow in such a manner that a ‘normal’ arch develops between the ages of seven and nine.

Signs & Symptoms of Pediatric Flatfoot

A parent might observe their child and note that they have developmental problems in the foot. Symptoms of pediatric flatfoot include:

  • Pain and tenderness
  • Cramping in the feet or legs, especially along the bottom of the feet
  • Heels that tilt outward
  • A change in walking
  • Pain or discomfort while walking

Benefits of Pediatric Flatfoot Treatment

Since the arch of your feet provides a cushion for everything from your forefoot to your leg and thigh, flatfeet can result in localized pain in these areas. However, after Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons have treated your child’s flatfoot, you can expect:

  • Reduced associated pain
  • Feet will not ache when child is active
  • Opportunity to play sports without foot pain

How is Pediatric Flatfoot Treatment Performed?

It is common to correct the condition using a number of non-surgical methods including orthotics, arch supports and foot exercises.

There are two distinct flatfoot conditions. They are rigid and flexible.

  • A flexible flatfoot is one that collapses while the child is standing. However, the arch is visible when the child is sitting, or on their tiptoes.
  • A rigid flatfoot is present whether the child is standing and is often indicative of a more serious condition such as a tarsal condition.

The best course of action is to take the child to a pediatric doctor for examination and assessment. The physician will perform a number of visual and diagnostic tests on the child’s foot. X-rays will be taken to assess for any bone abnormalities and to assess the alignment of the joints in your child’s foot. In most cases, advanced imaging, such as an MRI is not needed.

More severe conditions may require surgery in order to repair the tendon that has caused the arch to collapse, as well a joint fusion to correct its position.

Preparing for Pediatric Flatfoot Treatment

The flatfoot treatment option prescribed by your Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeon physician will depend on a variety of factors including:

  • Your diagnosis
  • Your age
  • Level of associated pain (if any)
  • Your medical history

Whatever treatment option we recommend, your Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeon physician will advise you of any necessary preparations based on you or your child’s specific diagnosis.

Pediatric Flatfoot Treatment Recovery

If no surgery is involved, recovering from treatment is generally mild and includes only minor discomfort while your arch adjusts to its new position.

Surgical procedures will often entail longer recovery times and your Advanced Foot & Ankle physician will discuss with you well in advance.

What Makes Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons Unique

They will approach your child’s treatment with sensitivity and work with you to develop a treatment plan to meet your child’s needs. Using cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, you can rely on our physicians for the most effective foot care.

They work collaboratively with your team of physicians, physical therapist and other health care providers to ensure the most accurate diagnoses and comprehensive treatment.  Our doctors spend time getting to know you and your child on a personal level. They spend time listening to any concerns you may have and explaining the best course of treatment every step of the way.

Dr. Mark Solomon serves as the team podiatrist for the New York Jets. Dr. Solomon and Dr. Stinson offer an unsurpassed ability to diagnose and treat sports-related foot and ankle conditions/injuries. In addition, Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons has been voted the top podiatrist in Morris County.

How Much Does Pediatric Flatfoot Treatment Cost?

Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons accept Medicare and Atlantic Health System’s local health insurance. We are considered an out-of-network provider with other insurance plans.

Some insurance plans include an out-of-network provision. If your insurance plan has this provision, it should cover a portion of the cost of eligible charges. As a courtesy, our knowledgeable and friendly office staff will submit your claims on your behalf.

If you do not have medical insurance, our knowledgeable and friendly office staff will review the various payment options we offer. For example, we offer CareCredit® financing, and we accept major credit cards.

It is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to know and understand what services are covered under their individual insurance policy.

Board certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and Fellows of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, both Dr. Solomon and Dr. Stinson represent a new generation of foot and ankle specialists.

Good foot and ankle healthcare should begin early in life. We take pride in making you and your child’s experience as comfortable as possible. Contact us to schedule your initial appointment today!