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Callous Treatment in New Jersey

A callus is an area of hard, thickened skin that can occur across the ball of the foot on the base or on the outer side of the big toe.

While many consider them a skin problem, they actually are a systemic problem with the bone. A major cause of calluses is shoe pressure along the sides of the forefoot. Calluses form from repeated friction and pressure as the shoe or ground rubs against the bony prominence of the toe or foot. The skin thickens and responds to this pressure.

In most cases, eliminating the source of friction and pressure eliminates the problem. Diabetics are at greater risk of complications because of poor circulation.

Neuropathy causes loss of feeling in your feet. Because this results in an inability to feel pain and discomfort, irritations or injuries are not always noticed. In addition, poor circulation in the feet reduces the ability to heal, making it hard for even a tiny cut to resist infection.

Getting regular foot check-ups and seeking immediate help when you notice something can keep small problems from worsening. Our doctors work together with your other health care providers to prevent and treat complications from diabetes.

There are many advantages to having your calluses removed and treated by the experienced and skilled surgeons at Advanced Foot & Ankle. Some of these advantages are:

Faster recovery
Our surgeons use advanced fixation techniques that allow for rapid healing and less pain. Most patients can begin walking immediately after surgery.

Cosmetically appealing results
Our doctors have advanced training in plastic surgery. They know how to “hide” incisions and limit scarring.

Advanced pain management
Our doctors use advanced pain management techniques to minimize post-operative discomfort. On a scale of ten, most of our patients report a pain level of 2 or less following surgery.

Personalized treatment plan
We treat our patients “as if they were family” and you will receive your surgeon’s full attention before, during and after your procedure. We can even arrange for a patient who has had a similar procedure to share information with you in advance. This will give you a well-rounded view of what you might expect during your own procedure and recovery.