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Bunion Treatment in New Jersey

Bunions are misaligned big toe joints, which can become swollen and tender. Although bunions tend to be genetic, shoes and certain activities can aggravate them.

Several preventative measures can be taken to minimize the discomfort of a bunion. Our doctors will always begin with a conservative treatment program. If the more conservative treatment fails to provide adequate relief, you may be considered a candidate for surgery.

Comprehensive Biomechanical Evaluation
Our doctors not only remove bunions but also determine its cause, in order to help prevent a reoccurrence. When possible, they will address these causes in order to achieve a long-term solution. For example, a flatfoot deformity (abnormal proration) is a common cause of bunions. If you have flatfoot deformity, you may be a candidate to have this corrected with a subtalar arthroesis procedure in conjunction with your bunion correction.

There are many advantages to having your bunion surgery performed by the experienced and skilled surgeons at Advanced Foot & Ankle. Some of these advantages are:

Faster recovery
Our surgeons use advanced fixation techniques that allow for rapid healing and less pain. Most patients can begin walking immediately after surgery.

Cosmetically appealing results
Our doctors have advanced training in plastic surgery. They know how to “hide” incisions and limit scarring.

Advanced pain management
Our doctors use advanced pain management techniques to minimize post-operative discomfort. On a scale of ten, most of our patients report a pain level of 2 or less following surgery.

Personalized treatment plan
We treat our patients “as if they were family” and you will receive your surgeon’s full attention before, during, and after your procedure. We can even arrange for a patient who has had a similar procedure to share information with you in advance. This will give you a well-rounded view of what you might expect during your own procedure and recovery.