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Bunion Surgery in New Jersey

Bunion surgery can help you find relief from your pain, and the ability to return to your regular daily routine. Whether you live in Cedar Knolls, NJ or elsewhere, trust the state-of-the-art procedures performed by the experts at Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons.

What is Bunion Surgery?

Bunions are large bumps caused by the movement of the big toe inward, toward the other toes of the foot, and are thought to be caused by the repeated use of ill-fitting shoes. The metatarsal bone of the big toe becomes slanted to such a great degree, its “head” tilts sideways and creates a lump on the side of the foot.

Depending on the severity of a bunion, it can result in redness, blisters, pain, and the inability to find shoes that fit properly.

Benefits of Bunion Surgery

  • Relief from pain
  • Reduced swelling and redness at the site
  • The ability to wear shoes that fit
  • The ability to enjoy activities that your bunion may have previously prevented

How is Bunion Surgery Performed?

There are numerous types of bunion surgeries (from mild to severe conditions), all aimed at reducing the negative symptoms associated with a bunion.

  • In mild cases, the enlarged portion of the bone is removed and the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the joint are realigned.
  • In moderate cases, the surgeon may cut the bone and shift it to its proper position.
  • Severe cases may involve removing the enlarged portion of the bone, cutting and realigning the bone and correcting the position of tendons and ligaments.

Your Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons doctor will thoroughly discuss any preparations you need to make in advance of your bunion surgery. As with most surgeries though, it is recommended that you abstain from eating past midnight the day before, and to cease taking any medication your doctor has advised.

Preparing for Bunion Surgery

Keep in mind that even after you have healed from your bunion surgery, if you continue wearing ill-fitting shoes, especially those that squeeze the feet, such as high heels, there is a good probability that the bunion will return. Because of this, it is important that you follow good footwear practices post-surgery.

Bunion Surgery Recovery

Our surgeons use advanced fixation techniques that allow for rapid healing and less pain. Most patients can begin walking immediately after surgery. Our doctors have advanced training in plastic surgery. They know how to “hide” incisions and limit scarring. Our doctors use advanced pain management techniques to minimize post-operative discomfort. On a scale of 0 to 10, most of our patients report a pain level of 2 or less following surgery.

What Sets Us Apart

Many patients come to our practice after unsuccessful treatment by other podiatrists. Our doctors not only remove bunions but also determine its cause, in order to help prevent a reocurrence.  When possible, they will address these causes in order to achieve a long-term solution. For example, a flatfoot deformity (abnormal proration) is a common cause of bunions. If you have flatfoot deformity, you may be a candidate to have this corrected with a subtalar arthroesis procedure in conjunction with your bunion correction.

Dr. Mark Solomon serves as the team podiatrist for the New York Jets Professional Football Team. Together with Dr. Stinson, they offer an unsurpassed ability to diagnose and treat sports-related foot and ankle conditions/injuries. In addition, Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons has been voted the Top Podiatrist in Morris County.

With our highly-trained staff and cutting-edge techniques such as on-site laser and shockwave treatments, you can rely on the most accurate diagnoses and most effective foot care.

How Much Does Bunion Surgery Cost?

Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons accept Medicare and Atlantic Health System’s local health insurance. We are considered an out-of-network provider with other insurance plans.

Some insurance plans include an out-of-network provision. If your insurance plan has this provision, it is likely to cover a portion of the eligible charges. As a courtesy, our knowledgeable and friendly office staff will submit your claims on your behalf.

If you do not have medical insurance, our knowledgeable and friendly office staff will review the various payment options we offer. We offer CareCredit® financing and accept major credit cards.

It is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to know and understand what services are covered under their individual insurance policy.

Board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and Fellows of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, both Dr. Solomon and Dr. Stinson represent a new generation of foot and ankle specialists. Contact us to schedule your initial appointment today!