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Ball of Foot Treatment in New Jersey

If you suffer from agonizing pain within the ball of your foot, then Ball of Foot treatment might be an appropriate procedure for you. Don’t spend your life living in pain when you can return to your daily routine painless and carefree with the assistance of this treatment procedure. Regardless of whether you reside in Cedar Knolls, NJ or a neighboring town, trust the experts at Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgeons to perform this cutting-edge procedure on you and get you back to a normal life.

What is Ball of Foot Treatment?

Ball of Foot treatment is simply treatment that is designed to decrease or eliminate comfort in the ball area of your foot. The ball area of your foot is located directly above your toes on the bottom side of your foot where there appears to be a “ball” area. Ball of Foot treatment specifically targets problems that can occur to this area, of which there are many types of conditions.

 Benefits of Ball of Foot Treatment

There are many reasons why you should consider getting Ball of Foot treatment. Some of the benefits of Ball of Foot treatment include the following:

  • Minimize discomfort
  • Decrease risk of further damaging foot
  • Increase quality of living
  • Advanced, innovative techniques now available

 The Types of Ball of Foot Treatment

  • Metatarsalgia – a term used to describe pain in the ball of the foot directly above the toes. The pain behind metatarsalgia may be caused by arthritis, poor circulation, posture problems, pinched nerves and certain types of disorders. However, the majority of the pain is caused by nerve damage which can be alleviated with injections of corticosteroid/anesthetic mixtures.
  • Sesamoiditis – refers to when the sesamoid bones located directly underneath the joint of the great toe are inflamed. To reduce inflammation and pain, cryotherapy (applying cold to the area) or alcohol injections may be administered. Anti-inflammatory medications may also help with Sesamoiditis.
  • Neuroma – refers to the condition that is caused by an irritated nerve. When the nerve sheath is aggravated or inflamed, scar tissue will form around the nerve. Oftentimes, neuroma is caused by an injury, wearing the wrong type of shoes or an abnormality of the foot. It may be treated with injections and pain medication. In some severe cases, however, the neuroma might need to be surgically removed.
  • Callous – an area of hardened, thickened skin that has developed as a result of a systemic problem with the bone located near the ball of the foot. They are formed by repeating the same motions over and over again, causing friction and pressure that rubs against the bony prominence of the foot. The skin thickens and becomes calloused in response to the pressure and friction.

Is Ball of Foot Treatment Right For Me?

Ideal candidates for Ball of Foot treatment are those who suffer from noticeable pain in the ball of their feet that inhibits their daily life. Injections may sometimes help ease the pain caused by Ball of Foot problems. Patients with severe pain or discomfort can benefit from the experienced Ball of Foot treatment from our highly qualified physicians.

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